The right soundtrack provides the magic that brings your project to life! Music creates emotion, adds power, feeling and impact and I would love to help enhance your project in this way!

Whether you need a calming piece for meditation, or a powerful piece to inspire a higher level of energy, I will work with you to create the feeling you need to make your production as impactful as possible.

If you are adding your own voice to the project, I can show you how to create a high-quality recording on your own which I will then optimize and integrate into the master recording.

If you prefer, I have certain soundtracks available for licensing which allows you to use the music in your project commercially and can facilitate quicker turnaround times. Browse the inspiration library to listen to samples or see below for more information on music licensing.

I would love to hear about your project and let you know how I can help by providing the perfect soundtrack or music production services. I feel blessed to have had so many amazing co-creative experiences with amazing people and projects and I would love for you to be next!



Custom Soundtrack Compostion

A Custom Soundtrack is created from scratch based on your specific project requirements. Let me know what you are wanting to convey in terms of feeling and emotion, suggest some favourites instruments and describe to me all the detail you can regarding the type of music you want and I’ll do my best to create it for you!

You can also describe your vision, let me hear a recording or see a video and have that serve as the inspiration for the soundtrack. To be honest, this is the approach that is usually taken and to date, I have had nothing but truly happy clients. It’s all about tapping into the energy of what you intend for the project.

The music I create is composed with the intent to bring your projects to life, to stir emotion and to enhance the listening experience by using certain frequencies, rhythms, instrumentation and tempo.

Music is more powerful than a lot of us realize and the impact of the right soundtrack can make all the difference. I would love to hear about your creative vision and talk to you about how to add the perfect soundtrack!


What is Possible is an upcoming series featuring short documentaries of extraordinary people from all over the world. The challenge was to create theme music for the trailer that represents the emotion and inspiration of this exciting project.

What is Possible

Let Me Help You

Record Your Own Meditation

I am an experienced meditator and meditation is part of my daily routine, which I find boosts creativity and flow. I suppose it makes sense that being a composer and understanding meditation, has led to a niche in helping people to create and record meditations and visualizations of their own! Having a recording like this as a digital product to sell or serve your clients can be amazing!

The problem is the cost of working with a composer or producer to create a professional recording can be thousands of dollars, plus licensing fees and often involves studio time to record the vocal track. Or, you can pay to download a piece of music from the web, record your own vocal track and go it alone. This approach is possible but can be challenging and more often than not, leads to frustration and mediocre results.

I have a solution! After a few years of composing music for meditation, I have compiled a library of soundtracks and have a very streamlined process of taking your vocal recording (which I can guide you to do on your own) and integrating it with the music. My process results in a very high-quality recording with an amazing soundtrack, an optimized vocal track and I have the production experience to help you create a digital product that is commercially viable.

I’m happy to answer any questions related to this process and provide you with a free guide on how to record your vocal track. Just click on the link below to tell me about your project.

Use The Music On This Site For Your Project

License Music

Most of the music on this site can be licenced for you to use in your project. It is licensed in very limited release,  assuring a higher level of exclusivity than what a typical online music service can offer. Other services may have the same song licensed to hundreds or even thousands of clients.

I also have the ability to edit the music to fit your specific project requirements so each piece of music becomes unique! If you find a piece of music that you would like to use in your project, please contact me using the form below to inquire about the cost and the licensing details.