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The CYM Creator Membership


The CYM Creator Membership is an invite only group that has access to music that can be used for a variety of online purposes including live streams, presentations, social media marketing and more!

Start with Free Access!

The first level of membership is FREE for 30 days! This gives you access to the starter library of soundtracks below that you can use for online events (streaming or on Zoom for example) and for social media clips under 2 minutes in duration. You can also download the music to experiment with in your project.

Apply Now for Your Free Trial Period

Creator Membership
– $188/ year

After the 30 day trial period, you will have continued access to an expanded library of tracks and the bonuses outlined below.

Bonus #1 – Copies of ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Songs for Peace and Healing’

Bonus #2 – 10% off standard licensing costs for product creation and permenant recordings.


Creator Membership Premium – $397/ year

The premium level of membership gives you access to an even more expanded library of tracks and the bonusus below. Like the other levels of membership, you can use the music for online events and social media clips, plus you get more substantial discounts on full licensing and music production.


Bonus #1 – Copies of the albums ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Songs for Peace and Healing’ 

Bonus #2 – 20% off standard licensing costs for product creation

Bonus #3 – 10% off the cost of music production and creative services