Media and Events

2017 Closed with a number of exciting events and interviews. I would like to thank the following people for their support and interest.

Clayton John Ainger (Award Winning Author and International Speaker)

Nina Kaiser (Founder of

Natalie Ledwell (Author, Speaker and host of the Inspiration Show)

24 Hour Negativity Detox with Clayton John Ainger

A big thank you to Clayton Ainger, his staff and all the wonderful participants for co-creating such and amazing event! It was an honor to have the meditation music so well received and to have received such nice compliments on the music for the closing ceremony. The song New Beginnings was inspired by the event and will be available on Itunes shortly!

MindGourmet Interview with Nina Kaiser

Thanks to Nina and the team at Mindgourmet for featuring my music on their amazing website and inviting on their show. Our interview focuses on the importance of following your true calling. In my case music!

Inspiration Show Interview with Natalie Ledwell

I would also like to thank Natalie Ledwell for invitation to be on the Inspiration Show! Natalie is a highly recognized author, speaker and television personality. She is the co-founder of Mind Movies software which happens to include some of my musical selections!