Songs for Peace and Healing -Standard License


By purchasing this product, you will be granted a standard license for use based on the terms below. If you plan to use this music in a commercial production, a Premium License is required. Please contact Craig by email in regards to a Premium License.

After your purchase, you will a confirmation that includes the ability to download the license agreement. You will also receive an email providing links and access to the music.




By downloading this product, you are agreeing to the terms of use outlined below and the terms in the license agreement that is provided with this download

You are permitted to use the music in the following ways:

As background music for events and/ or classes online or in person. This may include, but is not limited to, guided meditations, healing sessions, visualisation practices, online classes, massage therapy sessions and other similar experiences coordinated by the licensee.The music may also be used for promotional purposes. You may use the music in social media posts to advertise any of the above. Please credit wherever possible.


You are not permitted to use the music in the ways outlined below.

You may not create a permanent recording, create a product for sale or record your singing voice or narrative on top of the music. (Recordings of live Zoom sessions are permitted as long as they are not for sale or part  of a monetization strategy). You may not edit, alter or add to the music in anyway.


Please see the attached license agreement for all details.

CYMSongs for Peace and Healing -Standard License