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Hello and welcome! I invite you to explore this website for selections of music from my recent work on soundtracks, meditations, and stand-alone instrumental compositions.

My process of composing involves letting the music flow through from a higher source of creation. It is my sincere hope that you recognize this in the music and it touches a deeper part of you.

To license this music for creative use, or if you require a custom soundtrack for a project, please feel free to contact me by email  with your inquiry.

To learn more about me and my musical journey, click here.

Thank you for listening!


NEW RELEASE - The Wishing Well

A guided visualization, designed for teens or older. Go on a magical journey inward, to a place where you can turn your fears or worries into your greatest wishes!



A peaceful journey inward with beautiful piano arpeggios, strings, choirs, and acoustic guitar.

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