Welcome to my website. I’m very appreciative that you are here and I’m so thankful to be doing what I love, which is composing music for amazing people and for meaningful projects. In the past few years my compositions become internationally recognized and to have a client list that includes some very influential thought leaders, authors, and producers. I’m also thrilled that my music has been downloaded and streamed thousands of times on Itunes, Spotify and other major music platforms.

My musical journey has ended up leading me down a very spiritual path and my I realize that my creations from a source greater than my idividual self. I take great pride in creating something special for my listeners and clients. It is my desire that you recognize this in the music and that it touches a deeper part of you


I find myself on a path of ever expanding awareness and connection to something greater than myself. This connection has inspired me to go from over 20 years of composing in virtual musical seclusion to now sharing music with an international audience of thousands. It has become my purpose to contribute musically to an awakening of consciousness and unity within humanity.

I would like the thank the many inspiring teachers that have appeared along my way, helping me navigate this ever-evolving journey of music, spirituality, and important lessons on life and the universe. It is to them that I owe a debt of tremendous gratitude and hope to honor them with the music that comes through.


A number of years ago, I had a ‘reading’ with an internationally recognized psychic medium and some very interesting information came through! I have included a recording of some of it below. This was a first for me at the time. Spirit guides, other planes of existence, things we cannot see and perceive through our regular physical senses? It definitely expanded my understanding of possibility and is the day that music changed for me. This is the day I realized my connection to something greater and I started sharing music with the world.