Craig Young is an internationally recognized composer, producer, and recording artist. Craig’s client list includes influential thought leaders, authors, and producers. His music is available for download or to license for your own project.

A personal message…

I take great pride in this music and creating something special for my listeners and clients. My creative process involves ‘connecting in’ and letting the music flow through from a higher source. It is my desire that you recognize this in the music and it touches a deeper part of you.

My musical career has provided me with the opportunity to work with some amazing people. It has been a privilege to contribute to the work of  Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tiffani Churchill, Clayton John Ainger and more.

Current research into the power of our minds is quickly changing our view of reality, how we approach healing and even how we create our day to day existence. Science confirms that we can impact the state of our health and the world around us with clearly defined, emotionally charged thought.  Music elevates the energy of thought, providing the required charge to facilitate change.

I would like the thank the many inspiring teachers that have appeared along my way, helping me navigate this ever-evolving journey of music, spirituality, and important lessons on life and the universe. It is to them that I owe a debt of tremendous gratitude and hope to honor them with the music that comes through.

If you have any questions on my work or would to discuss a soundtrack for your own project, please feel free to reach out.

With much appreciation!