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Premium Music/ Exclusive Licensing/ Pro Level Production

Dear Creator,

Let me begin by highlighting how my offerings are different from the conventional online sources that allow you to download and licence music for your project or from the music licensing agencies that can be very costly to work with.

What I offer is more exclusive, more customizable and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I also cater to a more niche market of coaches, leaders and healers working with evolved modalities of wellness, energy healing and self healing. I can really help you to get your message out in a powerful way!

In addition to an exclusive library of premium soundtracks, I offer a full suite of music production services which can help you to fine tune the sound to your specific project requirements or add your voice to a recording with professional effects and editing.

If you feel inspired to explore the next steps, I invite you to review the details below and reach out to me with any questions. Looking forward to hearing about your project!


Standard Licensing

A Standard License gives you permission to use the recording for background music for events, classes and sessions online or in person. This may include but is not limited to non-recorded guided meditations, healing sessions, visualisation practices, yoga classes, massage therapy sessions and other similar experiences coordinated by the licensee.

Starting at Only $99 per Album or Playlist


Premium Licensing and Soundtrack Services

If you are creating a permanent recording that requires a voice over or if you are using the music in a commercial project, a Premium License is required. Examples include: Meditation or voice over recordings that are for sale, use of the music in courses (web or app based), film scores and advertising.

Starting at $497 per Track

(quoted on a per project basis)


Craig is truly a musical genius both as a composer, and producer. His creations are utterly transformative, telling an intricate story through sound that seeks to take the listener on a healing journey like no other. He offers musical creativity that really touches the soul. Working and collaborating with Craig has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Thank you”

Elizabeth ReahVocalist, Musician and Sound Healer

During my experience with Craig, he supported me through each step of the creative process, He was absolutely outstanding and involved in all steps of the journey and the investment in professional services saved the time and frustration of going it alone."

Judy MachadoFounder of Godess Temple Cacao

Premium Licensing and Music Production Services

Exclusive Soundtracks and Pro-Level Production Services

Premium Level Licensing is required if you are making a commercial production or permanent recording that is for sale. Examples include: Meditation recordings, use of the music in courses (web or app based), film scores and advertising. Agreements of this kind are made available to clients by application (or conversation) only. This allows us both to make sure we resonate in terms of music and the goals for the project. It also allows me to ensure high quality service and exclusive licensing to a select number of clients.

What makes this music so different than regular online music download services…?

Created to Support Transformative Experiences

The music that I compose has the power to heal and to transform. It has been created with this intent and I have developed a lot of it to support my own transformative practices such as breathwork, meditation and visualisation. I am a student of life and the universe. I’m fascinated with the quantum realm and with quantum creation so I know how to tap into a place of inspiration that is beyond the limits of the analytical mind. I believe this comes through in the music and this has helped me align with many high level conscious creators. I’m hoping you will be next!


Frequency and Composition

The individual instruments that make up the music are tuned to 432 hz or other healing frequencies (solfeggio frequencies) before I begin the composition. The impact of frequency, the choice of specific instruments, tempo and the structure of the piece combine to create a ‘symphonic synergy’ that has an impact beyond the sum of the individual parts. Once you add your own ‘healing’ to the mix, the level of synergy is heightened further.

High End Music Production Services

All technical considerations are looked after. From the creation of a professionally mastered digital recording, to making sure your final recording fits broadcast standards required by streaming and online platforms, to making sure your copyright information is protected by adding the appropriate metadata to the mp3 file (audio file). Many of the clients that I work with are creating a project that involves recording their voice and adding a soundtrack. I have a full suite of production services that will take your vocal recording (spoken or sung) to the next level! Once your vocal recording is optimised and added to the soundtrack, the levels are mixed to your liking and a master recording is created that truly sounds like we have been in a high end recording studio together.

Track Duration

The soundtracks that I compose are generally between 5 and 15 minutes in duration and can be extended further if required. I do my best to limit the amount of looping and strive to maintain ‘musical interest’ throughout the piece. Underlying patterns may repeat to establish rhythm, ambience and a hypnotic feel but there is alway a variety of instrumentation and melody that carries through the composition and creates an experiential, musical journey.

Unrestricted Licensing

Licensing music can often involve complicated restrictions on the use of the music and if you want to use the music commercially, you will most often require a more expensive licensing arrangement which can still be limited in terms of sales quotas or broadcast distribution. The music I provide comes with a written licence that is not restrictive in that way. You can use the music without any limitation on your ability to sell the recording, generate a profit or provide impact and value to your clients.

Guidance/ Coaching and Personalization

I’m available to personally consult on your project from start to finish and I can show you how to turn your ideas into a professional production. I can teach you how to record your voice at home with free software and an inexpensive microphone and I’ll encourage you to summon all the creativity you have inside! I can help you to explore the many potentials that exist for you to reach people with your voice, your message and an amazing soundtrack! My intention is to provide value for my clients by offering a very exclusive, very premium level of service. My soundtracks are created with love and intention, exquisite detail and uniqueness. I provide coaching and clarity in a marketplace that can be expensive and confusing and I can show you how to leverage the power of what you create to have an impact and a financial return well beyond your investment in my services.