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Dear Creator,

I’m excited to share this overview on how we can work together to add the perfect soundtrack to your project!

Let me begin by highlighting how my offerings are different from the conventional online sources that allow you to download and licence music for your project or from the music licensing agencies that can be very costly to work with. What I offer is more exclusive, more customizable and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I also cater to a more niche market of coaches, leaders and healers working with evolved modalities of wellness, energy healing and self healing. I can really help you to get your message out in a powerful way!

In addition to an exclusive library of premium soundtracks, I have a Creator Membership and a full suite of music production services available which can help you to add your voice to the recording professionally or I can edit a soundtrack from my library to make it fit perfectly with your project requirements. All of this can be done remotely but it ends up sounding like we have been in a professional recording studio together.

If you feel inspired to explore the next steps, I invite you to review the details below and reach out to me with any questions. Looking forward to hearing about your project!



Soundtrack and Music Production Services


Tracks from the Premium Library are limited to use in a maximum of 10 projects.


I offer music from my Premium Collection of soundtracks only to clients that I work with directly. An application (or conversation) is required, which allows us both to make sure we resonate in terms of music and the goals for the project. It also allows me to ensure high quality service to a select number of clients. Best of all, the use of each track is very limited. A maximum of 10 licences are issued per track. This level of service and exclusivity is very rare in the industry unless you are paying thousands of dollars for a custom composition and/ or exclusive

Created with Intent

The music that I compose is intended to empower, to heal and to transform. It is therefore, very suited to, and helps to amplify the impact of powerful practices like meditation, breathwork, visualisation, yoga, sound-healing and more. The importance of intention cannot be understated in all we do and in everything we create.

Frequency and Composition

The individual instruments that make up the music are tuned to 432 hz or other healing frequencies (solfeggio frequencies) before I begin the composition. The impact of frequency, the choice of specific instruments, tempo and the structure of the piece combine to create a ‘symphonic synergy’ that has an impact beyond the sum of the individual parts. Once you add your own ‘healing’ to the mix, the level of synergy is heightened further.

High End Music Production Services

All technical considerations are looked after. From the creation of a professionally mastered digital recording, to making sure your final recording fits broadcast standards required by streaming and online platforms, to making sure your copyright information is protected by adding the appropriate metadata to the mp3 file (audio file)

Many of the clients that I work with are creating a project that involves recording their voice and adding a soundtrack. I have a full suite of production services that will take your vocal recording (spoken or sung) to the next level! Once your vocal recording is optimised and added to the soundtrack, the levels are mixed to your liking and a master recording is created that truly sounds like we have been in a high end recording studio together.

Track Duration

The soundtracks in my Premium Collection are generally between 5 and 15 minutes in duration and can be extended further if required. I do my best to limit the amount of looping and strive to maintain ‘musical interest’ throughout the piece. Underlying patterns may repeat to establish rhythm, ambience and a hypnotic feel but there is alway a variety of instrumentation and melody that carries through the composition and creates an experiential, musical journey.

Unrestricted Licensing

Licensing music can often involve complicated restrictions on the use of the music and if you want to use the music commercially, you will most often require a more expensive licensing arrangement which can still be limited in terms of sales quotas or broadcast distribution. The music I provide comes with a written licence that is not restrictive in that way. You can use the music without any limitation on your ability to sell the recording, generate a profit or provide impact and value to your clients.

Guidance/ Coaching and Personalization:

I’m available to personally consult on your project from start to finish and I can show you how to turn your ideas into a professional production. I can teach you how to record your voice at home with free software and an inexpensive microphone and I’ll encourage you to summon all the creativity you have inside! I can help you to explore the many potentials that exist for you to reach people with your voice, your message and an amazing soundtrack!


My intention is to provide value for my clients by offering a very exclusive, very premium level of service. My soundtracks are created with love and intention, exquisite detail and uniqueness. I provide coaching and clarity in a marketplace that can be expensive and confusing and I can show you how to leverage the power of what you create to have an impact and a financial return well beyond your investment in my services.

Reaady to Create Together?


The Creator Membership is an invite only group that has access to music that can be used for a variety of online purposes including live streams, corporate presentations, and quick social media clips.

The first level of membership is FREE! This gives you access to the soundtracks below that you can use for online events (streaming or on Zoom for example) and for social media clips under 2 minutes in duration.

Higher levels of the Creator Membership are available which give you access to and expanded library of soundtracks and discounted fees on full licensing and creative services.

A quick application is required to get started.


If you find a soundtrack within my library that is close to what you need but needs some editing to make it fit perfectly, we can discuss making the required changes. Often a few tweaks can make it sound just right and even more unique.

Potential Changes to the Soundtrack Include:

  • Adjusting the tempo
  • Removing or adding instruments
  • Extending or shortening the track
  • Adjusting the arrangement


Adding Your Voice to the Recording

Let me show you how to record on your end and then I’ll optimize and integrate your recording before integrating it into the final production. This is perfect for creating a guided meditation for example.

There is so much that can be created with your final recording. Everything from branded cover design to quick social media clips with sound to a full YouTube video. A lot of this I can guide you to create on your own, some items I can create